Nottingham Weding Photography - Steve and Sarah Mills

How can we view our photographs ?

We usually capture between 300 and 400 beautiful images during a wedding. We can offer 2 ways for you to view and select your images. Some couples like to view their pictures in a high resolution slideshow set to music at our studio in Carlton, Nottingham. Other couples like to view and select their pictures at home - often with the help of family and friends. We do this by giving you a high resolution DVD of all the useable images from the wedding - the images are not watermarked and you can even print them out, although most couples wait for the DVD of your fully retouched album images. Once the images have been chosen, we begin to design your album. The design process involves using images at different sizes and combining them into a unique album which tells the story of your special day. We use beautiful, stylish albums which are individually made using the finest materials - the finished album is usually delivered to you within 6 to 8 weeks of the wedding. Further details of our Loxley and Jorgensen albums are on the wedding photography albums section.

Other Wedding Photography Questions...

What happens if it rains?
No problem! Although we would never wish for it, some of the most memorable wedding photographs are taken in the rain. We are avid weather watchers and if there is a chance of rain, we would arrange to take a lot of the photographs indoors - we have our own photographic studio and we have the necessary studio lights and expertise to produce stunning indoor photographs if it is raining outside or if its dark and cold during a winter wedding. The good old British weather means we regularly need to use our studio lights at wedding receptions - even during the summer! You can view some of theses images in the our wedding photography gallery.

What cameras do we use?
We use the latest professional camera equipment and lenses from Canon. These cameras produce excellent photographs, even in very dim light conditions - this allows us to keep the use of flash to the minimum, producing beautifully lit, natural images.

How long will the photography take?
Steve will usually begin capturing the fun and excitement of the bride getting ready, about 2 hours before the wedding. Sarah will meet up with the groom and men before the ceremony and also photograph the guests arriving. We both work as a team during the wedding service. After the ceremony, we ideally recommend a period of about 2 hours before you sit down for the wedding breakfast - this allows time for you to relax and chat with your guests and also for us to create beautiful photographs of you and everyone present.

We have a completely flexible approach - the wedding photography is mostly centred around the bride and groom although we will usually include a number of family group pictures plus any other pictures you would like. If the reception venue is not particularly suitable, it may be useful to stop off on the way at an attractive place to take some of the photographs. Our approach is to work as unobtrusively as possible so that you can enjoy the day and mingle with your guests - which is when we capture some of the most memorable images! We will carry on photographing the story of your day through the speeches and up until the first dance. By arrangement, we are always happy to continue the coverage to include fireworks etc. We discuss our style of photography in the about Steve and Sarah section.

Who will shoot our wedding?
Steve will always be the principal photographer on every wedding and will usually shoot with Sarah - on those occassions when Sarah is unable to shoot, Steve will work alongside another experienced photographer for the day. We guarantee to only shoot one wedding per day so that you can be sure of our best attention at all times.